Don’t let lymphedema slow you down


Klara Ric and Tavia Wilson, started their journey in Manual Lymph Drainage, in Oakville, back in 2016. Soon after their completion of Combined Decongestive Therapy, also known as Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD), it was clear that there is more to MLD then just treating someone with Lymphedema. Further education, research and courses were needed in order to provide the best care to the patients. Along with this, the best products needed to be brought in so that the patients were offered choices. With experience in treating patients with lymphedema, Klara and Tavia began taking more workshops, started to reach out to different companies and communities in order to work together and bring more knowledge and products to the area.

Over the years, we consistently hear our patients tell us that they had no idea that there was treatment available for those with Lymphedemea, or garments to help with their condition.

We listened. We heard you. And now we bring you The Lymph Clinic.

Our mission is not only to educate you on what Lymphedema is, but also provide you with the best treatments of care and fit you with the proper garments for your condition.

As the need for more knowledge, treatment and care, for those with Lymphedema grows, we welcome you to use this site as resource centre.

The products and companies that we work with (we like to consider) are some of the best. We love the quality and fit of the garments. The ease of care. The comfort. The long lasting ware(with care..) The beautiful colours and fabrics. Bras that make you feel sexy and beautiful again, while going through some ugly times.

If we don’t love the product, we won’t sell it.